Hall of Fame | Honoree | BORRE WINCKEL


Building Industry Association of San Diego

Born in the Netherlands, Borre arrived in the U.S. in 1977 following his family’s acquisition of property in the Temecula, Riverside County area. Educated at Boston University with joint degrees in Print Journalism and Public Communication, Borre initially joined Chase Manhattan Bank’s New York City Head Office as a Press Spokesman and Speechwriter. Chase found him better suited for banking and placed Borre in their prestigious corporate finance credit training program in Wall Street.

Thereafter, his mixed-use land development activities led him to join the Riverside County BIA Chapter, where he served as its Executive Director from 1996 to 2008. The Riverside County’s volume of building permit activity – highest in the State of California - placed him center-stage on many growth and development related issues. Under his leadership, Riverside County BIA became the region’s leading private sector commentator and participant on major transportation planning and funding projects, air and water quality issues, endangered species conservation, and residential green building programs.

In September 2008, Borre joined the BIA of San Diego County as its President and Chief Executive Officer. In this role, Borre represents an industry that faces unprecedented challenges.  Given that the Great Recession precipitated a global financial crisis, his primary focus is shaping those measures that facilitate the industry’s recovery.

Borre is a resident of San Juan Capistrano and is married to Kay Sutton-Nagel. They have three children, Emilie, Sophie and George, Jr.