The California Homebuilding Foundation scholarship program was founded on the belief that any motivated individual in need should have the opportunity to further their education or skills in the homebuilding and construction industry. Scholarships are awarded to BITA graduates who are continuing their education in postsecondary homebuilding related programs, community colleges and technical schools. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

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BITA graduates who are ready to enter the workforce can apply for a California Homebuilding Foundation Work-Ready Grant. Grant funds can be used to purchase tools, supplies, equipment, and clothing needed for the jobsite. Proof of employment with a California company is required.


College or Technical School Scholarships

BITA graduates who are continuing their education in a building related associate or bachelor’s degree program or postsecondary technical school training for a specific job in a skilled trade career, can apply for a Foundation BITA scholarship. Proof of enrollment at a California institution is required.


University and Two-Year College Scholarships

The California Homebuilding Foundation offers thousands of dollars in scholarships each year to students majoring in building programs such as construction management, urban planning, engineering and architecture. Official proof of enrollment status at attending school is required when applying.


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