To nominate an exceptional Californian in the homebuilding industry for the California Homebuilding Foundation Hall of Fame, please follow these steps:

The California Homebuilding Foundation Hall of Fame was founded with the primary objective of recognizing and honoring outstanding leaders in the homebuilding industry. Additionally, it serves to raise funds to support the Foundation's charitable mission, with a specific focus on areas such as scholarships, research, and education. Through this dual purpose, the Hall of Fame not only celebrates excellence within the industry but also contributes to the advancement and support of future generations of homebuilders through various philanthropic initiatives.

An individual designated as a Hall of Fame Honoree is recognized for achieving elite career success, demonstrating philanthropic and community involvement, and exhibiting exemplary service to the homebuilding industry. This title is a lifetime honor that does not grant any special rights, privileges, or duties. While the award itself does not hold monetary value, it serves as a meaningful recognition and celebration of the exceptional contributions and support that the individual has offered to the California homebuilding industry throughout their career.

The induction into the California Homebuilding Foundation Hall of Fame follows three distinct paths, each representing different avenues through which individuals can be recognized and honored for their exceptional contributions to the homebuilding industry. Builder, Associate or Individual. These paths serve as criteria or channels for individuals to be considered for induction into the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Nomination Categories

  • Nominees in the Builder category must hold or have held a position as an owner, major principal, or senior officer within a homebuilding or development company actively operating in California.
  • Nominees in the Associate category are individuals whose careers have been closely intertwined with, contributed to, and demonstrably supported the homebuilding and development industry.
  • Individual nominee are other individuals, including elected officials, have clearly demonstrated their support of the homebuilding and development industry by their actions.

Required Criteria Requirements

Nominees are assessed based on their achievements and leadership in the following areas, listed in order of importance:

  • Career:  Nominees are evaluated based on the success and reputation of the company they have founded or led, the pioneering or leading-edge work they have accomplished, and their influence in the marketplace. These criteria gauge the nominee's entrepreneurial achievements, innovative contributions, and overall impact on the industry, showcasing their ability to drive progress and shape the future of their sector.
  • Industry Involvement and Participation:  Nominees are evaluated based on their industry involvement and participation, which includes volunteer service and holding key leadership positions within relevant organizations such as Building Industry Associations (BIA) or Home Builders Associations (HBA). Additionally, their contributions to and leadership roles within broader industry associations like the California Building Industry Association (CBIA) or the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) are considered. These criteria highlight the nominee's commitment to advancing the interests of the homebuilding industry at both local and national levels.
  • Philanthropy, Community Involvement and Support:  Nominees are assessed based on their philanthropy, community involvement, and support, taking into account their history of philanthropic endeavors and contributions. This includes their service and commitment to non-profit community organizations, as well as any outstanding achievements or awards they have received for their charitable work. These criteria highlight the nominee's dedication to giving back to their community and making a positive impact beyond their professional endeavors.

Nominees must meet all three criteria categories for consideration. Failure to fulfill any of the criteria requirements will result in the nominee not being considered for future induction until all criteria are satisfied. Incomplete applications or missing required attachments will not be considered. It's crucial to ensure that all criteria are met for a successful nomination.

Nomination Submissions

Nominations for the California Homebuilding Foundation Hall of Fame are not only welcomed but also encouraged. This inclusive approach aims to provide the building industry with a voice in the selection process and helps the Foundation compile a comprehensive list of deserving candidates. Your participation in the nomination process is invaluable and contributes to the recognition of outstanding individuals in the industry.

Please review the California Homebuilding Foundation Hall of Fame Guidelines before submitting a nomination. Submissions are accepted annually August 1st through October 31st.

Nominations open in August and must be submitted by November. For additional details regarding nomination categories, restrictions, and the timeline, please contact Terri Brunson at


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