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BITA Curriculum

BITA is a four-year construction trades training curriculum offered as a Career Technical Education (CTE) program. The curriculum and support services are provided, without cost, to California high schools by the California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF). BITA has a-g approved program status with the University of California, with BITA 1 – 3 qualified under the elective (g) subject requirement.

Foundation of Residential and Commercial Construction

The course covers basic construction math; measurement and scale, blueprint reading, safety, procedural use of hand and power tools.  Students acquire these skills through the use of technology and real world problem solving.

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Study of Modern Craftsmanship and Infrastructure

Students will use primary sources and become construction historians as they reconstruct the advancement of the trades, materials, and tools that are now being used in residential and commercial construction.

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Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure of the Future

Students will understand sustainability, what drives it and how it impacts the built environment. Students function within the classroom as a construction company, from establishment to project completion.

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Students moves to a higher level of competency and are tasked to complete a capstone project which can include an independent research paper on a question or problem of their choice with the guidance of a faculty mentor, or participate in an internship.

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Be part of the solution

During all four years, career literacy is stressed continually. Students learn the foundational skills of safety, communication, interpersonal relations, ethics, problem solving, and flexibility, along with core academic subjects, including math, language arts, history and science.


Students will develop their career portfolio, participate in field trip experiences at industry sites and be exposed to networking opportunities with local businesses. State CTE standards are identified in the curriculum in each lesson plan.