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Year Three: Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure of the Future

This course will introduce the California energy code and building efficiency standards for residential and nonresidential buildings. Students will review current construction residential energy code requirements and the impact it has on industry practices as it pertains to alternative construction materials, design, green jobs, and emerging technologies.

Focus on zero-net energy will cover the fundamentals on sources of renewable energy and solar. Students will understand how sunlight converts into electricity, the various components of a solar system and how to install solar on a roof.

Students enhance their construction skills through a variety of finished carpentry work throughout the course and, upon completion, will understand the vast career options within the construction industry. Throughout the year, students will prepare for internships and build a career portfolio with resumes, certifications, letters of recommendation, and project photos.

Unit 1

Safety & Orientation

Project 1

Career Exploration Research

Unit 2

Title 24 Energy Standards

Project 2

Career Portfolio

Unit 3