The California Homebuilding Foundation offers thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards each year to deserving students majoring in building, trades and programs such as construction management, urban planning and architecture.

Building homes in California is too important a priority to neglect the education, training and research that will be needed to support the residential construction industry.

The California Homebuilding Foundation scholarship program was founded on the belief that any motivated individual in need should have the opportunity to further his or her education. A majority of the Foundation's scholarships were established by CHF Hall of Fame honorees. It’s an example of how established homebuilding professionals have reached out to offer opportunities to a new generation of individuals who are interested in a career in the homebuilding industry. Meet our Benefactors.

Our goal is to help students complete their degree and find employment within the homebuilding industry.

View open 2018 scholarships here.

California Homebuilding Foundation Scholarship Recipients

(No stock photos were used in the making of this video – meet just a few CHF scholarship recipients)


Like you, our endowment benefactors have a giving spirit and want to maximize their philanthropic impact. They turn to the Foundation to make their giving more effective, permanent and meaningful. An endowment through the Foundation brings perpetual funding in support of the homebuilding industry and becomes an enduring tribute to your and your family, extending your values for generations to come.

CHF endowments are a collection of gifts donated by its Founders, Hall of Fame Honorees, Board members and friends of the Foundation.

When an endowment gift is received, the principal is held in perpetuity, with the annual earnings generating support is designated by the donor. Unlike current-use gifts, which may be spent completely for immediate needs, endowment gifts are invested and only the earned income portion can be spent.

The Foundation will work with you to establish guidelines for your endowment and to provide ongoing stewardship to ensure that your philanthropic goals are achieved.

For more information about establishing an endowment with the California Homebuilding Foundation, please contact Executive Director, Terri Brunson at or (916) 340-3340. Meet other CHF Benefactors.