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BITA Scholarships

CHF awards scholarships to BITA graduates who have enrolled in post-secondary education or training after high school. We also offer work-ready scholarships for graduates moving onto a career in the trades.

College or Trade School

Practical training leads to employment at above-minimum wage levels and the ability to establish a successful employment record. Individuals who want to complete their degrees or further their training in trades school can apply for this scholarship

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Construction is one of the few industries where hardworking and dedicated individuals can start at the bottom and work their way to the top, with or without a college degree. Individuals who are ready to hit the ground running can apply for this scholarship to help purchase the required tools for success.

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Be part of the solution


My goal is to run my own construction company - BITA had a big influence in my life. 

Susanna Palacios, BITA Graduate Katella High School

I tell the girls in the Built Team that they can accomplish anything they put their hearts to if they REALLY want it. The construction industry is in need of women not just in the office but in the field. 

Lenny Orozco, Former BITA Katella High School Student, Mammoth Electric

I am in college right now, going towards getting my associate’s in construction management. After that, I want to work as a construction manager and someday open up my own construction company.

Yulia Khandryka, BITA Graduate Cordova High School, L & S Framing