Industry Support

California Homebuilding Foundation provides this critical building industry support through coordination and oversight activities at BITA sites statewide to ensure program relevance, quality and consistency.

Organizations can play a vital role in supporting BITA by providing work-based learning experiences that will allow students to learn about Industry opportunities and through in-kind donations, giving students the materials necessary to complete projects in the classroom.

Let’s build the future of our industry together!

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Guest Speaker Presentation

Donate an hour of your time to teach students about your organization and trade. Students have the opportunity to learn from you as you share your professional experiences and inform them of new industry practices and expectations.

Site Visit

On-Site Project Visits

Students understand the value of education when they experience tangible outcomes. Invite a local BITA class to visit your organization or jobsite to show them the day-to-day operations of the homebuilding business or a specific construction trade.

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Employment Opportunities

Participate in school job fairs or recruit a new intern from our senior BITA students. Set up an internship program or position at your organization. Work with CHF and your local BIA to recruit students to your program.

BITA Alumni

Design Build Competitions

Design Build is a two-day event involving teams from local high schools and community colleges all competing to build their own structure. Our industry can participate by attending the competition, recruiting students as potential employees, or by donating materials to be used in the competition.

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Providing In-kind Donations

BITA students complete many projects throughout the school year, including a capstone project at the end of the school year to showcase their acquired knowledge and skills. Materials, supplies and tools are needed to complete these projects, i.e. roofing, 4x4, nails, hammers, personal protective equipment, etc..

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Instructor Training

BITA instructors meet bi-annually to share best practices, discuss updates to the curriculum and hear from the industry on new standard practices and updated building codes. Industry can participate in these meetings to share their knowledge and experience, as well as, network with instructors; the direct link to the up-and-coming workforce.