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Gift of Stock

Next to cash, appreciated securities are the most commonly donated assets to the California Homebuilding Foundation. These securities can be stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares.

Because a gift of appreciated securities generally avoids capital gains taxes, this type of gift may have a lower after-tax cost to you than an equivalent gift of cash. Download the stocks and bonds form here.

When you donate stocks, bonds or other appreciated securities, you may also be eligible to receive a federal income-tax charitable deduction (up to 30 percent of your AGI with a five-year carryover) for the securities’ full fair market value, if you have held them long term (i.e., for longer than 12 months). If the donated securities were held short term (i.e., 12 months or less), your deduction may not exceed your cost basis.

Before making a gift to the California Homebuilding Foundation, we recommend consulting with your financial, tax, and legal advisors for a thorough analysis of your individual situation and to learn about tax consequences.

Please contact Terri Brunson at (916) 340-3340 or email for procedural information.


Our industry is challenged by a diminished workforce and inadequate housing supply, but construction education programs are helping to solve this ongoing issue.

From high school courses, to scholarships, and career connections, CHF is securing a prosperous future for homebuilding and shaping the lives of young professionals statewide.

Plan a gift with CHF to start building dreams for the students who will build our future homes.

The California Homebuilding Foundation is registered in California as a nonprofit business, Federal Tax I.D. Number 94-2581819, and is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

CHF recommends all donors consult with their tax or legal advisor prior to making a legacy gift.

Email or call (916) 754-2370 for more information.