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Design Build Competition

Design Build gathers teams from local high schools and community colleges in a two-day competition to design and build their own structure. Recent years have brought a focus to green designs, framing and construction techniques. Each school is allowed to sell their final product and retain the revenue to support their program.

2020 Design Build Competition

May 7, 2020 
Presented by CHF Industry Partner, CIEF

The 2020 Design Build Competition was held online May 7, 2020. Students built a physical model of the exterior of a Tiny Home using ONLY materials that can be found at their homes and presented a 60-second video of the structure. This Competition was hosted free to all high school students.

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Be part of the solution


What is one of the biggest issues in the construction industry today?  SKILLED LABOR!


The Annual Design Build Competition brings tomorrow's builders and today's professionals together in a fast-paced, two-day build project that mimics "real-world" pressures.


Support tomorrow's workforce today.