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Bridging the gap between education and employment

The Bridge Corps mission is to bridge the gap between education and employment with an emphasis on creating opportunities for diversity, equity, and inclusion for the future leaders of the development, building, and construction industry.

As leaders of the building and construction industry, it is our duty to lead, inspire, and challenge existing and future generations to create a more balanced landscape that is economically, environmentally, and culturally sustainable.

The Bridge Corps is committed to creating paths for the young people of the BITA and CHF Scholarship program.  We are providing opportunities for mentorships, internships and ultimately employment possibilities within the building and construction industry.

Becoming a mentor is easy and rewarding

Complete the Bridge Corps Mentorship Form and email to Brittany Albaugh at the California Homebuilding Foundation:

BITA Alumni

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Read our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to learn more about the Bridge Corps and make sure to follow BITA on LinkedIn, and Instagram for regular updates and announcements.

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