BITA Year Three: Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure of the Future

This course will identify ways to conserve resources in construction; select alternative tools and tool maintenance for use in green building; identify alternative practices and methods that take natural resources into account; recycle reduce, or dispose of construction materials.

Students will gain and understanding of what sustainability means, what drives it and how it impacts the built environment and recognize relevant national and international policy, legislation and governance issues, and expected future direction. They will also understand the latest evidence and thinking on climate change, energy, water, pollution, waste, biodiversity and efficient use of materials within the built environment and appreciate how businesses are changing in order to address sustainability and explore the risks and opportunities this can bring.

Students begin to perceive the development of housing from the planning stages; land development and procurement, optimal placement for construction and working with natural elements as resources to become zero-net energy.

Scope and Sequence

UNIT 1: Industry Code and Regulation

UNIT 2: Energy Management

UNIT 3: Weatherization and Home Energy Auditing

UNIT 4: California's Zero Net Energy by 2020

UNIT 5: Urban Planning and Policy