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2020 Big Day of Giving

Your gift will make a difference in the lives of construction students.

2020 Big Day of Giving

Your gift will make a difference in the lives of construction students.

2020 Big Day of Giving

Your gift will make a difference in the lives of construction students.


Coronavirus Consequence: Emergency Funding Needed

I don’t usually send messages like this, but these are desperate times for the thousands of students who depend on our construction training curriculum, the Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA).

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has closed schools in California.

For many of our students, BITA is the key to a rewarding career and a better life and being removed from this program poses a threat to their education and their future.

The Foundation is overwhelmed with efforts to restructure the online curriculum, provide "Work-Ready Scholarships" to students, and coordinate industry video lessons, but now, more than ever, students are in need of proper job site certification through OSHA 10 training.

OSHA certification can be achieved 100% online, which is why there is an urgent need to fulfill this required training for students learning at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, many BITA students are unable to afford the cost of acquiring their OSHA 10 card.

Dylan Howard, BITA Instructor from Antioch High School says, "About 70% of students in my school are on the free or reduced lunch program. They would not be able to pay for OSHA 10."

Will you make an emergency tax-free donation to train and certify students during COVID-19?

Your donation of $100 funds online OSHA 10 training to four (4) students in our BITA program.

Your donation of $750 supports OSHA 10 training for an entire class of thirty (30) students.

Students need online OSHA 10 certification now so they can stay on track to graduate and have the required job safety qualifications to pursue their careers.

There are no extra funds in our budget to meet this unexpected need, but your emergency gift will help educate BITA students during the coronavirus pandemic.

Your gift today will strengthen the BITA program and increase our services supporting the homebuilding industry.

Please help us ease the financial burden of our students to give them the education and training they need now

With gratitude and optimism,


Terri Brunson
Executive Director
California Homebuilding Foundation
(916) 340-3340


Please send in a gift today
, so we can make sure all BITA students have the opportunity for a bright future in the wake of this highly contagious disease.

The Foundation recently spoke with a BITA instructor from San Juan Hills High School, who said one of his students was living out of the front seat of his truck. This student needed BITA, not just to educate himself, but to improve his quality of life.

Because of gifts from donors like you, this student is now able to afford a sanitary and stable home as a result of his BITA education and career connections.

Your gift today will help efforts to restructure the virtual BITA curriculum and supply students with "Work Ready Scholarships" to provide the necessary tools and support for their careers.

Please send your emergency gift now, so each and every BITA student—regardless of their background or situation—can get the service they need to continue their education.